Intercative light&sound art installation powered by AI

Documentary video:


The new version of the Instinkt installation was presented for the first time in Italy, in the city of Turin, at the Share Festival 2023. Along with our Italian colleagues, we are completely reimagining the art piece with a new design, lighting and sound dynamics, as well as a new implementation of reinforcement learning algorithms. The interactive light and sound art installation Instinkt utilizes AI, powerful lighting chips, and sound to keep people at a safe distance.

The machine learning algorithm is programmed in such a way that the installation receives reinforcement when it succeeds in luring a person using sound and light but prevents them from getting too close. By imbuing the art object with a self-preservation instinct, we are making the very first and rudimentary attempt to create an art-subject that pursues its goals without conforming to human expectations.

This work has many layers of interpretation, provoking participants and viewers not only to think about current challenges but also about human and society essence.

It doesn't impose positive or negative signs but allow us to look at the reality that lies at the core of our existence from an entirely new perspective.

Equipment: LED chips, IR Lidar, Raspberry PI, Arduino, 4 Speakers 

Software: RL SB3, Pytorch, Python, OpenAI Gym, Puredata

Exhibitions:  Share Festival XV, Turin, Italy    2023

Awards: Honorary Mentioned by the Share Prize XV (IT)