Audio-visual interactive installation


Leuchtkraft in German means luminosity - one of the main characteristics of a quantum accelerator, indicating the intensity of collision of particles from colliding beams. The installation is an artistic interpretation of certain principles of the operation of hadronic colliders, also used in many leading modern centers of elementary particle physics research. Like quantum accelerators, this work aims to explore various effects using a multi-layered configuration (representation of detectors) and a video projection (particles) on two opposite sides.
The size and location of translucent screens are calculated in such a way that, when two projectors are placed opposite each other on both sides of the screens, they create a volumetric composition with a certain stereo effect. The interactive component regulates the dynamics of the generated video and sound, which depends on how close a person is to the center of the installation, thus indicating the impact of the observer on the observed system.
Visual content is implemented using the video generated within the frame of special forms, which split the projection into zones. This approach allows to exploit the peculiarity of this configuration, without exposing individual areas of certain layers. By this approach, as well as by reduction of the image brightness as the projection passes through several screens on both sides, the volumetric construction is filled with an asymmetrical video.
Considering all mentioned above, the sound element, and the overall dynamic of the installation, the unique composition is created, which viewers can watch at different angles, revealing the multifaceted nature of this work.

Equipment: 2 video projectors, 2 directional sound speakers

Software: Touchdeisigner

Materials: 8 semitransparent screens


·        RGB Light Experience festival 2018, Rome, Italy

·        CYFEST 2018 festival, St. Anne’s Church, St. Petersburg