Interactive audio-visual installation


Interactive audiovisual installation MediaLab was created in 2015 by Tonoptik collective, whose members: Alexander Inkov, Yury Gorbachevskiy and Yury Tolstoguzov - set the task of creation, by means of multimedia technologies, a new experimental environment for human interaction with the people around or with the environment in which he is located.
Installation represents a round interactive table for four participants, each of whom can use two controls. Due to the special sensors which are built in these controls and that measure distance to the nearest object, it is possible to interact by moving hands in the range from 4 to 30 centimeters above them in the vertical direction. Thus, participants can manage some kind of virtual sliders that affect an interactive model of the installation which, due to algorithms used, not only has a unique visual, but also three-dimensional sound modulation that is implemented by means of a multichannel sound system. At the same time, each of the participant has a such model which only he can influence, thus, performing a certain part in the general action. As a result, anyone can take an active part in the creation of collective work, which is an audiovisual composition.

One of the main goals of this work is to provide a tool for a new kind of communication between people, as well as a demonstration of how this communication takes place. Interaction with the installation is a kind of model for cooperation within our society, in which we can trace the social processes flowing. Suppose there is a certain set of tools that participants can use together. First, no one knows how it all works, so that the result of collective work looks like chaos, but after gaining some experience, over time, the participants begin to feel each other, to negotiate, in other words, a self-organization is occurring. Thus, the installation is a platform for experimentation and research culture of communication within our society. Using this you can see whether the participants tend to collective self-organization, how they are willing to work together, how creative they are. The installation takes the personality and character of each participant within the context of the overall interaction, changing under his influence, creating thereby a unique audiovisual picture.

Software: Touchdesigner

Equipment: Video projector, 4 channel sound system, 8 IR rangefinder sensors, Arduino Mega


·        “Prostranstvovanie” exhibition 2018, QuartaRiata Residency of Arts & Technology, St. Petersburg

·        MADATAC festival 2017, MADATAC festival, Centro Conde Duque, Madrid, Spain

·        OpenLook festival 2015, The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg