Audio-visual interactive installation by Tonoptik+ [Percept]

The installation “Percept” aims to reveal the deep relationship between living nature and modern man. Technological development has allowed us to subdue the world around us. But it is difficult to deny the depth of the reverse impact that nature has on us.

Combining technology and wildlife, the artists offer viewers to explore the sense and psycho-emotional perception of natural images in a new artificial environment. Perhaps such exploration will allow the viewer to rethink not only the understanding of nature itself, but also to realize ways of coexisting with it in the context of our new reality.

“Percept” combines art, technology and natural phenomena, creating an unusual sensory experience. Only by stopping the endless run and beginning to consciously interact with the living world around us, we can build a real dialogue with him. So, we can build such a dialogue with ourselves.

       Equipment: video projector, Kinect, computer, Arduino, linear motor
Software: Touchdeisigner
Materials: moss
·        “Forms of movement” festival, Sevkabel port, St. Petersburg