Audio-visual interactive installation


What is it like to move through the fabric of the universe? The authors of this work invite an audience to the art interpretation of one of the most amazing phenomena which existence is assumed by quantum physics - a wormhole, or, in other words, a space-time portal.

The main idea of the installation is a space transformation. Due to the special configuration of the visual and sound effects a feeling of being in a large almost endless stream where visual elements of which this stream consists is created. These elements refract and flow around the people who are in the stream. Sound and visual design is made in a minimalism aesthetics that, in the aggregate, immerses the audience into the atmosphere of another unknown reality.

Software: Touchdesigner

Equipment and materials: 4 Kinect sensors, 7 video projectors, 4 channel sound system, 2 semitransparent screens


·        Cross-Art festival 2015, Erarta Museum, St. Petersburg

·        MEDIAIN festival 2017, The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg